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Thursday, 10 February 2011


This tutorial was written by myself Purple of Purple's Tutorials. 
Any likeness to other tutorials is purely coincidental and unintended. 


A close up of choice. I used the fabulous work of Ismael Rac which you must purchase to use. You can grab it from his site here
Bling by myself which you can grab from here.
PSP 9 or above. 
Animation Shop 3. 

Plugins Used

VanDerLee Unplugged, Pattern Offset. 
Eye Candy 4000, gradient glow. 

Lets Begin

Open a new image 650 x 250. 
Floodfill with a pink from your render. 
Open your close up render and copy & paste into your render. 
Move it to the far left corner. 
Trim the rose away as you dont need this. 
Duplicate the layer and mirror. 
Duplicate the layer again and move it to the right. 
Duplicate and mirror. 
You should now have 4 layers. 
Merge them together and change the blend mode to luminacy (Legend)
Go to effects and find your VanDerLee Unplugged, Pattern Offset. 
Change the offset to 15. 
Ok now go back to your render and resize to height 400. 
Copy & paste straight into your design. 
Move it down a little. 
Give it a dropshadow of 3, 3, 35, 5. 
Again go to effects and find Eye Candy 4000.
Add a gradient glow with the faint white setting. 
Add a new raster layer and floodfill with black. 
Selections, select all, modify, contract by 2. Hit delete. 
Add another new raster and floodfill with the pink you used for your background. 
Modify, contract by 8. Hit delete. 
Add a final new raster and again floodfill with black. 
Contract by 1 and hit delete. 
Go to your center layer and change the blend mode to screen. 
Go to your rectangle tool and draw a rectangle the size of your signature. 
Go to objects, align and center in canvas. 
Drag this layer under your render. 
Convert it to a raster layer and change the opacity to 50%. 
Go to your pen tool and go to your line style.
Change it to diamond.
Don't forget to change the width to 3. 
Draw a straight line across your rectangle using the colour black. 
Change it to a raster layer. 
Duplicate it and flip it.
Add a dropshadow to them both and to your pink rectangle too. 
Close your render for now.
Write what you like to one side and your name on the other. 
Add your copyright info and then we'll move on to the animation. 

Ok close your border layers and your render, if it is not already closed. 
Open up animation shop. 
Go to PSP and copy merged. 
Open AS and paste as a new animation. 
Duplicate the layer so you have 3 all together. 
Open your animation that i provided for you. 
Delete the black layer. 
Go to edit, select all. 
Go to edit again and copy. 
Go to your design and go to edit, select all. 
Go to edit again and paste into selected frames. 
Move it so its just above the line from your signature. 
Repeat again and move this one to the bottom. 
Click view to see if it worked or not. 
If your happy go back to your PSP. 
Close all visible layers.
Open your render layer and your border layers. 
Also your copyright layer. 
Go to edit and copy merged. 
Go back to AS and paste as a new animation. 
Repeat so you have 3 in all. 
Edit, select all. 
Edit, copy. 
Go back to your original siggy that you just animated and make sure all is selected. 
Paste into frames. 
Make sure that you line it up correctly or it will look odd. 
Check animation and if you are happy save as a gif file. 

The Avay

Cut out a section of your signature. 
Add a new raster and floodfill with black. 
Contract by 2 as you did before. 
Add another new raster and floodfill with the pink colour. 
Contract by 8. Hit delete. 
Again add a new raster and floodfill with black again. 
Contract by 1. Hit delete. 
Selections none. 
Change the pink layer to screen blend. 
Add correct copyright info. 
Add your name and you are done here too. 

Thank you for trying my tutorial. 
Hope you had fun!!!!



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