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Saturday, 5 February 2011
Be My Valentine - FTU


This tutorial was written Febuary 5th 2011. 
Any likeness to other tutorials is purely coincidental and unintended. 
This tutorial is written for those with a working knowledge of PSP 9 and above. 


I'm using PSP 9 but i'm sure the same applies in other versions. 
I used the fabulous work of Hannah Lynn which you must purchase to use. 
You can grab this tube at My Tag Art
Font of choice. I used Love which you can grab from here

Plugins Used

Mura's Meister, Copies.
Eye Candy 4000, gradient glow. 

Lets Begin

Open a new image 600 x 250. 
Open your render and copy & paste straight into your design.
Go to effects, muras meister and use the wallpaper rotate setting. 
Go to adjust, blur, motion blur, using these settings, angle 50, strength 100. 
Repeat twice. 
Go to effects, edge effects, Enhance. 
Repeat again. 
Copy & paste your tube again and move to the left hand side. 
Duplicate and mirror. 
Again paste in your render and drag behind the other two. 
Merge the 3 renders together and change the optimancy to between 25 - 30%. 
See which works best for you. 
Ok now paste your render in and move to the left hand side.
Give it a drop shadow of 3, 3, 35, 5. 
Ok now go to your very top layer. 
Add a new raster layer and floodfill with black. 
Go to selections, select all, modify, contract by 2. Hit delete. 
Again add a new raster layer and floodfill with a pink from your render. 
Contract by 8. Hit delete. 
Again add a new raster and floodfill with black. 
Contract by 1. Hit delete. 
You should now have a border like mine. 
Add your text using the font listed. Give it a dropshadow as you did your render. 
Add correct copyright information. 
Add your name and you are done. 

The Avay

Open a new render size 250 x 250. 
Copy &| paste your background from your signature. 
Add your render as you did before. 
Add the border as you did before. 
Add any text you like. 
Add your copyright info. 
And you are done here too. 

Thank you for trying my tutorial. 
Hope you had fun!!!!



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