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Saturday, 26 November 2011
I made an award today, cos as you all know by now that i am a Purple freak. 
I wanted to share my purpleness so i made a purple kiss award. 


To get this award you must have the colour purple in your blog design. 
And you can only award those with purple in there blog. 
You must send it to 5 people who have purple in there blog and you must tell them the rules also.
Don't forget to let them know too.  

I Awarded it to :

Let the Purple Kiss begin. 


Dees'Sign Depot said...

Awe Kerry what an awesome award!! Thanks sweetie.. Here's to PURPLE!!!

Tasha said...

haha!! love it!! Gonna go hunt down some purple blogs now :D Thank you!

Purple said...

thought i'd be different lol

scrapsandthecity said...

omg! thank you so much hun!!! it's been a long while since i got an award lmao! xoxxoxoxoxoxo


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